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And T- 10… 9… 8… As the countdown to SpaceConnect continues, it’s getting serious over here: Registration is now open!

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SpaceConnect is a cozy and informal convention dedicated to those who live space to the fullest. This is why we prepared an exciting program spanning over multiple days, including various different activities. The event takes place at the fantastic venue of Centre d´Arts et de Culture, and the beautiful garden of Potager du Dauphin in Meudon, a few minutes from the heart of Paris.

Kerbal Space Contest, 19th June

The journey starts on June 19th at the Potager du Dauphin, a luxurious venue in the middle of a relaxing garden, with our Kerbal Space Program contest in partnership with OMEN and Kerbal Space Challenge. In this contest, 24 teams will compete in an arduous 10 hours mission that no kerbal has accomplished before. The jury is composed by a balanced mix of industry leaders and space geeks. Amazing gadgets and prizes await you.

Do you have what it takes to be a kerbonaut? Register here /ksp. Buy a ticket for the 19th to be part of an exciting endeavor and get free access to SpaceConnect the 24th June.

#SpaceConference, 24th June

The journey continues on June 24th with no less than 3 formats to get involved in: SpaceConference, SpaceConnect and SpaceConcept. 

SpaceConference takes place at Centre d´Art et de Culture, proposing fascinating talks by leading experts and two round tables discussing hot topics relevant to #newspace.

Our lineup features, among others:

  • Bruno Sainjon (ONERA president)
  • Veronica Moronese (Space Law Expert)
  • Eric Labaye (president of Ecole Polytechnique)
  • The Paraboladies (Space Medicine Researchers)

Get in touch with leading tech startups, institutions, makers, incubators and much more at our forum and get involved in the informal atmosphere of SpaceConnect. The forum will be a place where you can meet CEOs and CTOs of, among others,  Venture Orbital Systems, Exotrail, Preligens, Anywaves, Aerospace Lab and other space industry leaders present at the event. Don’t forget to bring some spare CVs and boost your space career!

#SpaceConcept, 24th June

Are you working on a project in your garage? Do you have a groundbreaking idea which needs to be opened to the masses? Pitch your idea at SpaceConcept, in partnership with IncubAlliance. The jury is made of a panel of investors and industry leaders!

Don’t wait and submit your idea here /pitch and kickstart your very own space startup!

We can’t wait to meet you at SpaceConnect and to have fun above all. Feel free to reach us at if you need assistance.