New launch date πŸš€!

Featured image byΒ  PiemationsArt

Our beloved SpaceCon ship, previously scheduled to take off on the 22nd-24th of April, will be postponed to take place on the 24th of June.

The COVID-19 pandemic was one reason we decided to push back our convention- our vision of an immersive in-person event couldn’t come to fruition in the current global situation. We weren’t sure to become a part of the ever-increasing crowd of virtual events- it is our goal to stand out and deliver on that every time.

We are also incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with Starsup, a vibrant festival celebrating space, science and innovation to be held at the Center of Art and Culture, Meudon. Starsup is gearing up for their third edition this year its concept aligns closely with our goal of intersecting art with science and providing a platform to astrophysicists, researchers, engineers, among many others. Our combined goal is to make our respective convention and festival accessible to everyone, giving the public a glimpse into the innovations and technology that brought us here today. We want to provide a platform to pace professionals, streamers, influencers and collectively work on solutions that change the way we see our world. We look forward to partnering up with this audacious festival and making SpaceCon an event that connects people through passion for space, SpaceConnect:Β  β€œthe event everyone is talking about!”