We have new astronauts in our crew!

Featured image by @wandering.planet

The crew of the SpaceCon ship gets bigger! We are very pleased to announce that we finalized our first round of recruitment, and we have 7 new members of the team. They will help SpaceCon lift off and reach for the stars đź’«

In SpaceCon we advocate for diversity and inclusivity, and we really worked hard  to form our current cohort from over 70 applicants till date. Our members come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds but with a common purpose- to make SpaceCon the most extraordinary event out there!


Kanchan is a prefinal year undergrad at Cummins, India, professionally passionate about small satellite payload integration, avionics and satellite communications with major in electronics and telecommunication. She has a strong belief in Automation and Optimization of Technology with various aspects for sophisticated resource development in research and technology. Aggressive and determined towards goals and future betterment of community as a complete society. Looking forward to make her presence felt in space research via notable contributions.


Neha Jasbir (they/them) is an undergraduate majoring in Mathematics and Physics at Pune university, India. They are an avid scientific communicator and their research deals with solid state and Gravitational Physics for intermediate mass black holes at Vanderbilt university. Their goal is to make science more accessible to everyone with their outreach. Apart from science, they are a surrealist painter and the creator of a podcast called Branewrld- talking about all things activism, science and technology


Cedric is a mathematics and physics student at Ecole Polytechnique from Stockholm, Sweden. “My first real encounter with space was when I read the book My Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark, and ever since, I have always been perplexed about the true nature of our reality. Apart from crunching numbers, I love to cook, give back to my community, and read!”


Ekaterina Seltikova (she / her) is a physicist, currently doing a PhD in fluid mechanics (turbulence) at the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory of Lille. She is an active member of the SGAC and also a volunteer in the Health & Help non – profit humanitarian aid organization. Ekaterina is passionate about space and teamwork, her goal is to make a contribution to space exploration.

Photo Min


Min is a graduate from IPSA (Paris, France) with a Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, with a specialization in Space Launchers and Satellites. For her end-of-studies internship, she worked on the calculation of risks associated with uncontrolled re-entry, at the French Space Agency (CNES). She has been involved in three space missions design : the EREBUS mission concept (Capitanio,L. et al.EREBUS), the PAHST mission concept within 2017 Alpbach Summer School events and a space mission concept to remove space debris as part of her Master’s final project. She loves designing a space mission and organizing space events as a team.


Laurine  is an engineering student specializing in mechanics and physics and currently in her 2nd year at École polytechnique. As a space enthusiast, she prides herself on this and aims to work in the industry upon graduation. She also takes an active role in community life and gets involved in local events and charity work whenever possible


Catalina is a Mathematics and Computer Science student at École Polytechnique. I have always had a passion for dabbling in the infinite evolution of aircraft and spaceships, whilst using my analytical thinking to grasp their scientific foundation. My curiosity has continuously fueled me as I transcended my cognitive limits. Additionally, my fervor for Voltaire’s language, catalyzed my linguistic intelligence and global opening.

If you missed the opportunity to join the team, don’t worry! We’re in plans to have at least another round of recruitments at the beginning of the next year. So if you don’t want to lose the chance to have a real impact on the event and the possibily to join “the Crew”, subscribe to our newsletter (we promise we do not track you, and that we sent ~2 emails per month)