SpaceCon: a convention for people living space to the fullest

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Have you ever attended Comic-Con? If not, you may be familiar with Kubecon, PyCon or GamesCom. These kinds of events address a specific niche of people passionate about comics, video games, a cloud ecosystem, a programming language… or even space.

Most of the current reference space events we know tend to lack some accessibility. They are generally tailored as scientific or business-oriented congresses, aimed at professional or high-profile scientists or investors, and most of the time have a high entrance fee. If you have the opportunity to attend these events, you generally put on your best suit, a shocking tie, and the best version of yourself; ready to impress your future employers or investors.  We believe there’s a different way to boost your career or brand and to feed your curiosity. We are convinced it must be fueled by what drives us most: passion. Space now has a much larger community; with an ever-growing number of content creators whose professional backgrounds are not always scientific. The outreach is being extended on a much wider spectrum, beyond the exclusively specialized world, to space rapidly becoming a matter of pop culture.

J. J. Dordain giving a speech at the NewSpace Forum 2019

A convention for people living space to the fullest

We are a group of friends and SGAC members, with previous experience in event management. In 2019, we organized an event we consider to be a sort of “inspiring ancestor” of SpaceCon on a local scale called NewSpace Forum), trying to build a benchmark event in the same spirit of those mentioned in the introduction, but dedicated to space. With SpaceCon we want to bring together the most inspiring opinion leaders, with keynote speeches on the cutting-edge technology they’re developing. We want to talk about the future, we want to know when and how we are going to live on the moon and Mars. We want to set up a big Kerbal Space Program competition to be live streamed on Twitch. We want to invite all the people that are building rocket engines in their basement to meet at our event, network, and help shape the Open Source community of makers. We want to help space content creators consolidate their relationship with their supporter base, offering them a place to meet. We want to give big space firms and the newest startups the opportunity to meet streamers, youtubers or Twitter stars and create engaging synergies for branding development. We want to help laboratories and research centers find the right partners to deliver research that matters and broadens the horizons of what we can currently do in the sector…. And, at the end of the day, let’s enjoy a drink together at a space-themed concert, wearing your favorite hoodie featuring Uranus fan art.

A panel in the 2019 edition discussing the creation of a space startup

Join the team!

This is what we’ve come up with so far, but we are sure there is more we are missing. That’s why we need your creativity! To summarize, we want to have fun talking about space. With this target in mind, we’re currently recruiting a team of talented and committed people to help in the creative and organizational endeavor of making SpaceCon a reality. We aim to have a diverse, international and inclusive group of people that have the enthusiasm we need to make this project a reality. If you are interested, please visit, if you have questions, contact our true kerbonaut Jeb Kerman. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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